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Sacred Restoration Services

We live in a world that has turned Sacredness into trendy Hashtags and Imagery for clout and fame. Our Sacredness is Sacred along with our Spiritual practices that go along with it. We offer you the tools you need to regain your Sacredness in a easy and simple way.

🔅What does Sacred mean?

Regarded with great respect and reverence by a particular religion, group, or individual.

We are just that! Sacred Beings experiencing a Physical Existence upon Pachamama(Earth).

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Got an idea or want me to Freq a piece for you? Want me to put together a Wellness Bundle for you? Leave me a message and we can discuss the details!

5 Health Benefits Of Wearing Copper

Copper has been worn and used by the Ancients for as long back as we can remember as Sacred Adornments and Medicinal Tools, Cook wear and so on. They also understand the importance of Copper within our bodies. They prepared their food in copper vessels and drank from them. Copper is a very soft metal that can be absorbed through the skin to help restore adequate amounts of Cu to the body. Copper is needed to help maintain a healthy metabolism. Cu promotes strong and healthy bones and ensures your nervous system works properly. While copper deficiency is rare, it seems that fewer people today are getting enough of the mineral.


Those pieces are nota game... So many stories since I started wearing them. That Smokey Quartz piece....wewwww.... It speaks loud and powerful and amplifies the energy I feel... I've had to take it off a couple of times to let the energy slow and put it back on... Feeling like a rocket in take off (str8 like that)! It’s beautiful lolol... Thank you again!

Ashé Marie

Phoenix Nadie that Awake detoxify body scrub is absolute freaking heaven!
MY SKIN.....OMG!❤️ 

Yvette Young

Thank you Phoenix-Ism! I am in love with my copper jewels and other goodies. I decided to get the intuitive wrapped stone. I am so happy and grateful that I did. During the process, I knew what I wanted the stone to associate with and you all HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD. Gratitude for my HOWLITE!!!

Omaria Tucker

I just received my earrings yesterday & I LOVE them!

Miko Finn

"WOW!!! I am the recipient of the October prize and when I opened it I was overwhelmed by all of the lovely things that were sent to me by Phoenix!!! The Citrine crystal has won my heart and I am going to have a ring made out of it so that everyone can see the lovely things that are available through this company!!!!"

Sharon Smith