Shaman Oracle Reading

A Shaman Oracle Readings gives you in-depth clarity on your choice of a 30 minute reading which is a three card pull. You may either ask a question or choose a topic such as love, career, finances, life purpose or request a general message. A 60 minute reading which is a six card pull. You may either choose two questions, topic, or a general message. Ancestral Guidance is also available.

- An opportunity to connect with the ancestors and guides supporting your journey.
- An open door for Spiritual Guidance and the inherent wisdom of your Soul to be heard.

- Prophetic or future telling. Only you can decide the avenue you wish to take on the path you walk.

The purpose of Readings is to acknowledge the many possibilities available to you. Clarity can be gained which gives you the opportunity to make a sound decision as you journey through life. Understanding your why’s and applying them where they fit.

🔅I am a shamanic practitioner with Indigenous heritage through both my mother's and father’s lineage, Clairvoyant, Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Claircognizant. Which simply means I have the gift of Sight, Hearing, Seeing, and feeling.

I only need your name and permission to connect with your Ch’ulel(Life Force InnerChi/Higher Self)

All readings are done with the utmost integrity and wish to not only validate the continuity of life, but demonstrate the love & support available to all of us, at all times.

Readings will be sent via e-mail if outside the Central Time Zone and within one week of purchase. If local, readings can be conducted over the phone or video/Audio chat via Facebook.

Money should never be an obstacle to connection and wellness, sliding scale is available to those who are struggling. Simply ask!!